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Responding to climate change in Viet Nam: Opportunities for improving gender equality

This discussion jpaper sets out to analyse the relationship between gender and climate change in Viet Nam, and to recommend appropriate policy actions that will both address climate change and promote gender equality. It represents a collaborative effort by the UN and Oxfam in Viet Nam, with the involvement of a broad range of stakeholders. The paper argues that climate change adaptation and mitigation must not only reduce vulnerability and increase resilience to shocks and stresses, but must also contribute to achieving key development goals including gender equality. Development and climate change responses can only be equitable if they place women&rsquo;s empowerment and the tackling of gender inequality centre-stage. Opportunities to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions must also be gender sensitive and avoid worsening gender inequalities. <strong>Key recommendations</strong> Recommendations made in the policy discussion paper are presented in direct connection with the main tasks outlined in the National Target Programme on Responding to Climate Change (NTP-RCC). They include the following: <ul class='square_dot_ul' class="dash"> <li>Raise awareness on both climate change and gender equality and promote women&rsquo;s education and education for all, with specific attention paid to and curricula on both gender equality and climate change action.</li> <li>Improve the research base on the gender and climate change links and ensure gender sensitive data is collected and analysed to inform decision making</li> <li>Ensure that gender-climate change links are mainstreamed in policy and programmes, and ensure women&rsquo;s participation in policy making and decision-making on climate change at all levels.</li> <li>Protect women&rsquo;s rights in particular during and after disasters that are enhanced by climate change.</li> <li>Create livelihood opportunities for women and female headed households, including rural livelihood diversification and migration / resettlement, as a primary response to climate change stresses.</li> <li>Promote gender equality in international climate change policy, including financing.</li> </ul>

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