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id 21 Natural resources highlights 6: Water

The main focus in id21 natural resource Highlights 6 is water. Five relevant research articles are presented that focus on various issues related to water resources. <br /> <br /> 1. Increasing the productivity of irrigation systems in China <ul class='square_dot_ul'> <li>This research carried out by IWMI, Sri Lanka and partners examines how water used for rice irrigation is managed in two sites in China - the Yellow River basin and Yangtze River, and assesses various water-saving strategies on farms to understand if and how water is saved.</li> <li>The author finds that policies and strategies for changing water use and management must aim to align the objectives and incentives for different groups.</li> </ul> 2. Is improving rural water supply a question of finance? <ul class='square_dot_ul'> <li>This paper argues that in order to assist in providing access to safe drinking water in many parts of rural Africa financing needs to be improved.</li> <li>Research from the University of Loughborough investigates various financial aspects of water provision and presents a systematic approach to determining service delivery costs.</li> <li>The research suggests a comprehensive assessment of maintenance, repair and rehabilitation costs for different water system technologies.</li> </ul> 3. Integrated water resource management in Nigeria <ul class='square_dot_ul'> <li>This research paper from the University of Uyo, in Nigeria, examines irrigation schemes using the integrated water resource management (IWRM) approach, focusing on irrigation projects in the Cross River Basin.</li> <li>The paper discusses the failures of The Cross River Basin Development Authority (CRBDA) in aiming to improve farming systems and increase food supply.</li> </ul> 4. Making watershed services fair in the Caribbean &nbsp; <ul class='square_dot_ul'> <li>This article looks at how policymakers want to charge for the services watersheds provide, including water, to generate funds for management to improve watersheds in the Caribbean.</li> <li>This research carried out by the Caribbean Natural Resources Institute (CANARI), shows that &lsquo;Payment for Water Services&rsquo; (PWS) systems is difficult to implement in Caribbean islands.</li> </ul> 5. A new era for water governance in Kenya? &nbsp; <ul class='square_dot_ul'> <li>The Kenyan government recognising that effective governance is essential for national water management established a Water Services Regulatory Board to issue licenses to water providers, determine standards of service, among others tasks. But are the reforms working?</li> <li>Research from the University of Westminster, UK, evaluates Kenya&rsquo;s water governance framework.</li> </ul>