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Conflict mediation in the water and sanitation sector: And how to reach solutions

  • Visscher, J. T.

Water scarcity is just one problem that may lead to conflicts. Others include conflicts over water quality or privatisation of water supply services. This paper explores current thinking about conflict management in the water and sanitation sector and is written for individuals who want to understand more about the way to analyse, understand and help to manage conflicts. It reviews different options for conflict management, putting special emphasis on mediation to encourage dialogue and shared action to resolve many water supply and sanitation conflicts. <br /> <br /> The author considers what is meant by conflict and the prevailing problems and key actors in the water and sanitation sector. The document outlines approaches to conflict management and resolution and the concept of mediation plus skills and techniques needed. Examples are provided on the application of conflict management approaches and articles, books and websites recommended. The following case studies and examples are included in this paper: <ul class='square_dot_ul'> <li>Burkina Faso: managing conflict at the village handpump;</li> <li>Bel&eacute;n: how to change ineffective management;</li> <li>payment for environmental services in Chaina, Colombia;</li> <li>social mediation of water conflicts in Aragon, Spain;</li> <li>water conflict in metropolitan Cebu, the Philippines.</li> </ul>

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    IRC International Water and Sanitation Centre: http://www.irc.nl/content/download/139947/432501/file/TOP22_Conflict_08.pdf. Eldis: http://www.eldis.org/go/topics/resource-guides/environment&amp;id=41830&amp;type=Document<br /> </span>