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Lambing shed construction guide

This lambing shed design has been conceived in ChangThang, a cold desert area in the high altitude plateaux contiguous to Tibet (above 4500m). The local population, mostly nomadic and semi-nomadic herders live essentially from sheep and goats breeding. In spring, during animals delivery period, mortality amongst kits and lambs frequently reaches 50%. The lambing shed whose construction is described hereafter, strives to reduce this mortality by 60%, together with ameliorating the life of the herders by procuring a warm shed usable for other purposes. A basic skilled mason can build it, and most of the material required is locally available. Passive solar architecture aims at taking advantage of solar radiation during the cold season to heat the inner space. The building collects solar radiation during the day and this keeps the room warm both in the daytime and night. Heat is stored inside the walls, and released during night. Ventilation avoids overheating during daytime.
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