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Enhancing the role of mountain forest resources in improving livelihoods in the Himalayas: Poverty reduction through forestry-related activities in Asia

  • Karki, M.

The IFAD-ICIMOD program goal is to secure livelihoods in the uplands and mountains of the Hindu-Kush Himalaya . The objectives of the IFAD Technical Grant Programmes with ICIMOD include: • Assessing opportunities for poverty reduction and environmental management provided by traditional shifting cultivation and engaging in policy dialogue, • Facilitating the development of subsistence shifting cultivation into commercially oriented integrated farming systems using participatory planning (P3DM) and modified sloping land agriculture technologies (SALT), • Sharing useful lessons on promotion of technological innovations through field level testing with the IFAD loan projects, and • Promoting the contribution of forest-based activities in improving livelihoods of poor.

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