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Small scale wood based entreprises in community forestry: Contribution to poverty reduction

  • Acharya, K. P.
  • Acharya, S.
Nepal is promoting community-based forest management approach known as Community Forestry (CF) as a promising option to reduce environmental degradation and to fulfill the demands of basic forestry products of rural people. There are emerging concerns that whether community forestry can be used effectively to generate income and employment to help improve the livelihoods of the poor.

The paper is based on furniture and agricultural implements production enterprises from Parbat and Myagdi districts of western mid hills of Nepal. The furniture enterprise has earned USD 10,000 and the agricultural implement enterprise has earned USD 2000 during the past two years. The paper presents the process and approaches, production and market characteristics, present status and future prospects, role of development agencies and service providers, socio-economic impacts, lesson learned and policy implications from these case studies. The paper discusses that forest management should not be considered in isolation but should be linked with existing livelihoods opportunities and farming systems promoting the use of local materials and focused to provide employment to poor and vulnerable group.
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