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Evaluation of Flood Response Programme Georgia: Khulo District, Republic of Georgia April ? December 2005

  • Arakelyan, K.
  • Forster, T.
  • Kelani, G.
During the period 25-30 April 2005, a combination of torrential rains and snow melting caused heavy flooding in the Republic of Georgia. The floods caused massive landslides and mudflows that led to the damage and loss of agricultural land; destroyed homes, livestock and water drainage systems; roads and bridges swept away, isolating many communities in mountainous areas. This six-month project focused on the Khulo District and was implemented in partnership with the Red Cross Society of Georgia. The expected outcome was to reduce public health risks to 6,400 affected men, women and children through the provision of affordable, accessible and usable water and sanitation facilities, as well as provide mitigation, preparedness and disaster response training for communities and institutions. The responsibility for the maintenance of rehabilitated water systems was to be handed over to the local water authorities. This final evaluation sought to improve insitutional learning, and enhance performance and accountability, through impact assessment and highlighting best practice.
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    Oxfam Programme Evaluation Report: http://www.oxfam.org.uk/resources/evaluations/downloads/0106_geoa40_georgia_humanitarian_fullreport.pdf