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Nepal wireless networking project: Case study and evaluation report

  • Pun, M.
  • Shields, R.
  • Poudel, R.
  • Mucci, P.
This paper presents a case study evaluation of Nepal Wireless Networking Project. With the aim of overcoming the digital divide, the project aims to increase communication facilities in the mountainous areas, thereby increasing educational opportunities in the community, helping villagers to buy and sell products and creating jobs.

This project is described as one of few tangible examples of success in fulfilling the promise of ICT in the field of international development. The report calls for Government of Nepal to bring liberal ICT policies and to use wireless technology to make the information technology within the reach of rural population of Nepal. Key lessons highlighted include: 
  • networking projects help to reduce poverty;
  • networking projects create job opportunities;
  • Wi-fi devices are useful for delivering services other than just connecting to the internet;
  • little training is required for setting up a Wi-fi network;
  • management and technical training should be provided to local people.
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    Electronic Networking for Rural Asia/Pacific: http://www.enrap.org/index.php?module=pnKnwMang&amp;func=downloadFile&amp;did=953&amp;disposition=view&amp;kid=478&amp;cid=56<br /> </span>