Mountain Forum Bulletin: Deserts and desertification in high altitude areas

The Bulletin includes articles on desertification and deserts in high altitude area of central Asia, the Andes, Africa, the Andes and Swiss Alps.

  • Impact of desertification on traditional societies in the Elba mountain region of Egypt by Usama Ghazaly
  • Central Asia: Farmhouse insulation against desertification by S Bruschweiler and E Gabathuler
  • Soil degradation in the Swiss Alps by D Banninger, M Brodbeck, N Hohwieler, K Meusburger and C Alewell
  • The role of quinoa and other crops in the Andean desert regions by Sven-Erik Jacobsen, David Rodriguez, Angel Mujia, Alipio Canahua, Felipe Amachi and Susanne Andersen
  • Different perceptions of desertification in the context of the Argentinean Patagonia by Monica Bendini
  • South Okanagan: The threatened desert by Richard Cummings and Sydney Cummings
  • Desertification: A growing problem - interview with Professor Joachim Borner
  • Book review: Arunachal Pradesh: Human development report 2005 by Vimal Khawas
  • CRREDEV: Projects and initiatives by Mbuti Mboyam Godwill
  • Save Your Future Association by Farmer Tantoh
  • Mountain Children's Forum's recommendation on child policy by Dave Grey
  • Redmontanas: Lobbying for approval of the Spanish Mountain Charter by Rosa F Arroyo
  • Learning schemes and radio programmes to help combat desertification by Anne Mette
  • Mountain Partnership: Microfinance and mountains by Jane Ross

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