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Prioritization and conservation of Himalayan medicinal plants: Angelica glauca Edgew. as a case study

  • Dhar, U.
  • Bisht, A. K.
  • Bhatt, A.
  • Rawal, R. S.
The present study broadly supports the need for conservation initiatives for Himalayan medicinal plants. An approach is set up for prioritization grading of the importance of medicinal plants that is based upon the knowledge of local communities about the species. The study of Himalayan medicinal plants in general and Angelica glauca Edgew. in particular reveals that the utilization pattern, traditional knowledge base and trade of medicinal plants show trends that are not ideal for sustainability in the Indian Himalaya. The research attempts to integrate the analysis of several aspects of Himalayan trade in medicinal plants to reveal the threat to the plants and to suggest ways to overcome the problem. www.ethnobotanyjournal.org
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  • Journal:
    www.ethnobotanyjournal.org Ethnobotany Research & Applications 4:011-023 (2006)
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