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Comparative study on the adoption of improved beekeeping technology for poverty alleviation

  • Bhusal, S. J.
  • Thapa, R. B.

Adoption of improved beekeeping practices was compared between the mobilised (Pragatinagar VDC) and non-mobilised (Makar VDC) farmers’ groups (n = 14 in each VDC) of Nawalparasi district using semi-structured questionnaire survey after introducing improved beekeeping practices during 2002/2003. Majority of the households (82.4%) from mobilised group practiced beekeeping enterprise of which 80.6% followed improved practices with adoption index of 77.44% while from non-mobilised group only 56.0% adopted beekeeping enterprise and 68.4% followed improved beekeeping practices only with the adoption index of 58.73%. Annual honey yield per colony was significantly higher among mobilised farmers’ group (25.6 kg earning NRs 25,657.14) than that of non-mobilised farmers’ group (15.6 kg earning NRs 10,364.29). Women involvement was low in enterprise development and adoption in both VDCs (31.8% and 50.0% in mobilised VDC; and 35.7% and 48.2% in non-mobilised VDC). Therefore, transfer of improved technology to subsistence farmers emphasizing women through social mobilisation could help generate income and alleviate poverty.

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