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Securing protected areas In the face of global change: Issues and strategies

  • Barber, C. V.
  • Miller, K. R.
  • Boness, M.

This book presents an early exploration of the issues and options for protected area management with respect to global change. Chapter 1 identifies the selected factors of global (socioeconomic, biophysical and institutional) change that are likely to have the most persistent and pervasive impacts on protected areas, and analyses their current and likely future impacts in protected areas. Chapter 2 looks at critical factors of protected area establishment, design, and prioritization in the face of change. This chapter discusses current best methods for identifying gaps in existing protected area coverage, as well as anticipating and incorporating likely future impacts of global change. Chapter 3 discusses the issue of governance and equity that are critical in establishing and managing protected areas within a larger changing environment. Chapter 4 discusses the importance of supportive political and legislative enabling environments for developing and adapting protected areas to change. The chapter further identifies the human and institutional capacities necessary to make protected areas effective and successful into the future. Chapter 5 discusses the methods and tools by which managers can measure and evaluate their effectiveness, and take corrective action to reach protected area conservation goals.<kenton r.="" miller=""><melissa boness=""></melissa></kenton>

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    World Commission on Protected Areas (WCPA) and IUCN &ndash; The World Conservation Union, Gland, Switzerland and Cambridge, UK.