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Convergence or divergence? Status and prospects for US climate strategy

  • Christensen, A. C.

The objective of this report is to assess recent developments and prospects for future changes in US climate strategy. In so doing, the paper explores some of the key factors that have shaped strategies and policies to date, distinguishing between factors related to institutional and governance structures, linkages between science and policy, energy technology and the role of interest groups. Against this background, the paper attempts to explore future development paths for US climate policy. More specifically, the paper assesses opportunities for policy changes compared to the preferences of the current administration, and the prospects for future linkages between US and international climate change strategies. In brief, the paper argues that substantial changes are unlikely to take place in the near to medium term, leaving open, however, the possibility of wide-ranging changes in domestic politics or major incidents that could facilitate a shift in the perceived need for near-term action.

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    Fridtjof Nansen Institute (FNI), Report 6/2003: http://www.fni.no/doc&pdf/rapp0603.pdf