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Wetlands and lakes at the top of the world

  • Gujja, B.
  • Chatterjee, A.
  • Gautam, P.
  • Chandan, P.

The Hindu Kush–Himalayan Mountains extend 3500 km, cover 3.5 million km2, and include parts of eight countries. They are home to many spectacular lakes and wetlands, a major source of water and regulators of water storage. Eighty-four peaks above 7300 m and innumerable others over 6000 m are interspersed with thousands of lakes and wetlands, some of which are rich in biodiversity and are home to rare species. Whereas the mountains have attracted attention, there is very little documentation on water bodies in the region. Some lakes are above 5000 m. Conservation of these fragile ecosystems is important, particularly in an era of international tourism, climate change, and megaprojects in the region.

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