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Kashmir: Inducing a following response

  • Pirta, R. S.

It is an attempt to define the Kashmir problem in term of ideas that describe human group according to its primate ancestry but at the same time showing a radical departure from it. The examples chosen here are however eclectic. In Kashmir there is a contest over space between human groups. These groups have alpha males that extend in space and time. It is not the alpha males' physique but their cultural, religious and knowledge dimensions that are significant. Whereas concepts of freedom, human rights, and holy war are unique human cognitive achievements, they also induce primitive emotions. The group membership shows primate rigidity in the form of nationality but at the same time it is volatile also. It is a key to understand the dialectic of harmony and conflict within a group and between the groups. Involvement of larger alpha males, besides the contestants, is perceived differentially by the two parties. To evolve as a global fraternity, reconciliation is a social device to resolve a conflict amicably.

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