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Climate change and changing snowfall patterns in Scotland

  • Harrison, J.
  • Winterbottom, S.
  • Johnson, R.

The principal objective of the Report was to examine how snowfall patterns are expected to change in the light of climatic change scenarios and to review the possible socio-economic and environmental implications of such changes. An overview has been provided of the effects of changes in the duration of winter snow-lie on key activities within the socio-economic sector, and on key mountain habitats. The changes are such that adaptation strategies are required. The study was undertaken between March 2000 and April 2001 by Dr John Harrison and Dr Sandy Winterbottom of the Department of Environmental Science at Stirling University, and Dr Richard Johnson of Mountain Environments Consultancy in Callander, Perthshire. The study comprised four parts: An analysis of changes in Scottish snowfall patterns over the latter part of the 20th Century Obtaining, by questionnaire survey, expert opinion from key stakeholders on how the Scottish economy and environment have already responded to changes in snowfall Prediction of future changes in snowfall patterns driven by Greenhouse Effect enhancement over the course of the 21st Century Identification of key issues and adaptation strategies for dealing with such changes

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    Harrison, J. et al., 2001, Climate change and changing snowfall patterns in Scotland. http://www.scotland.gov.uk/cru/kd01/lightgreen/ccsnow_00.htm