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Pro-poor tourism strategies: Expanding opportunities for the poor

  • Goodwin, H.
  • Ashley, C.
  • Roe, D.

Pro-poor tourism (PPT) is tourism that generates net benefits for the poor. PPT is not a specific product or sector of tourism, but an overall approach. Rather than aiming to expand the size of the sector, PPT strategies aim to unlock opportunities ? for economic gain, other livelihood benefits, or engagement in decision-making ? for the poor. Reducing poverty requires ?pro-poor growth?. Tourism, one of the world?s largest industries, is already growing or significant in most poor countries. Certain characteristics of tourism enhance its pro-poor potential. It can be: labour intensive; inclusive of women and the informal sector; based on natural and cultural assets of the poor; and suitable for poor areas. Harnessing tourism for pro-poor growth means capitalising on these features, while reducing negative impacts on the poor. Potential for change stems from the continued ?master planning? role of governments, and strong commercial and international interest in sustainable tourism. Pro-poor tourism briefing No 1. April 2001 http://www.propoortourism.org.uk

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    Pro-poor tourism briefing No 1. April 2001 http://www.propoortourism.org.uk
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