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Challenges and opportunities for sustainable mountain development in south and south-east Asia: Strategic perspectives

  • Thapa, G. B.

Amid ever-growing concerns over conservation and development of mountains this paper examines the major challenges being confronted in South and Southeast Asian countries. This is followed by an overview of opportunities conducive to conservation and development. Though the nature and severity of the problems vary from one region to another, the typical challenges in all regions are empowerment of local governments, allocation of a fair share of resources required for conservation and development, enabling local institutions to adapt themselves to changing socio-economic situations, economic integration of uplands with lowlands, alleviation of population pressure, promotion of locationally suitable land use, and strengthening local capability for conservation and development. Diverse natural and cultural resources, institutions and technologies available in mountains offer ample opportunity for their sustainable development.

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    World Mountain Symposium 2001
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