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Year: 2019
The report begins with an introduction to Dhungentar’s socioeconomic landscape and post-disaster status
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Year: 2011
Early warning system (EWS) is an integral component of risk management for natural threats as societal catastrophes many of which are attributed to climate change is on the rise
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Year: 2008
Since industrialization, human activities have significantly altered the atmospheric composition, leading to climate change of an unprecedented character
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Year: 2007
Glaciers worldwide are retreating in the face of accelerating global warming, as human activities cause steadily increasing concentrations of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere: their melting is an important indicator of climate change
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Year: 2006
Since industrialization and human activities is advancing the concentration of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere is steadily increasing
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Year: 2005
The study using different satellite data and topographic maps since 1977 and available reports shows remarkable retreat of glaciers due to climate change in the Poiqu basin in Xixiabangma area – a common basin between China and Nepal
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