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Year: 2016
Although Himalayan glaciers are of particular interest in terms of future water supplies, regional climate changes, and sea-level rises, little is known about them due to lack of reliable and consistent data
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Year: 2014
This paper provides the results of semi-distributed positive degree-day (PDD) modelling for a glacierized river basin in Nepal
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Year: 2014
Monitoring the glacier mass balance of summer-accumulation-type Himalayan glaciers is critical to not only assess the impact of climate change on the volume of such glaciers but also predict the downstream water availability and the global sea-level change in future
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Year: 2012
The HKH mountains abound with diverse natural resources
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Year: 2009
The interesting resources on women empowerment with examples from India, Bangladesh and Afghanistan have been proposed in this issue of monthly issue and comprises of:
  1. Empowerment through Technology: Gender Dimensions of Social Capital Build-Up in Maharashtra, India
  2. Putting Gender Back in the Picture: Rethinking Women’s Economic Empowerment, 2007.
  3. Can Microfinance Empower Women? Self-Help Groups in India, 2007.
  4. Measuring Gender and Women’s Empowerment Using Confirmatory Factor Analysis, 2005.
  5. Women’s Empowerment through Sustainable Micro-finance: Rethinking ‘Best Practice’, 2006.
  6. The Myths of Women's Empowerment in the Development of Afghanistan, 2007.

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Year: 2008
Climate change is affecting Nepal and the impacts will be increasingly felt with necessitate changes in people’s livelihoods and lifestyles
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Year: 2007
Despite the growing popularity of community-based approaches to forest management, there are limited cases in which benefits and costs are shared equitably
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