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Year: 2008
The main focus in id21 natural resource Highlights 6 is water
Year: 2008
Despite the adoption of many international agreements over the last decades, degradation of forests and deforestation has continued
Year: 2007
This issue of id21 insights focuses on water governance:
  • New directions for water governance: Water governance is a significant feature of international development policymaking
  • The question of scale: The question of the appropriate scale or level at which governments should operate has traditionally been important in political and economic discussions. It has also become a key issue within development policy, with policymakers thinking that this determines institutional effectiveness.
  • Money matters: Only 45 percent of public water points in central Tanzania are functioning. Research in the Dodoma and Singida regions shows that poor financial management often undermines the sustainable use of water.
  • Recovering the costs of rural water supply: Inadequate water supply and poor sanitation are serious problems for rural communities in Cross River State, southern Nigeria. Concern Universal works with these communities to strengthen their capacity to manage water and sanitation facilities.
  • Achieving water security: Water security means people have secure rights to use water, including future generations. For poor people, this comes from fair and adequate representation in policymaking processes. They also need improved water technology, and management processes that they can use.
  • Water rights for water governance: Rights and entitlements at the societal level are some of the resources for water governance. Viewing water rights from a legal perspective helps to analyse the policy debate on rights of access to water. There are three principal legal forms of a right to water – a human right, a property right and a contractual right.
  • Competition for water: There is considerable literature on international water negotiations, but most research ignores local conflicts over water. In fact, violent 'water riots' at local levels are more common than inter-state 'water wars'.
  • Rethinking the management of agricultural water: In the past thirty years, there have been many efforts to reform agricultural water management in developing countries. However, these have produced few positive results. Policymakers should rethink water sector reforms, particularly now that investment in water infrastructure is increasing.

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Year: 2007
The Bulletin focuses on biodiversity:
  • Monitoring Biodiversity on the Saharan Slopes of the High Atlas, Morocco by Manfred Finckh, Anna Augustin and Norbert Jürgens
  • Closures: A System of Biodiversity Conservation through Community Participation in the Highlands of Eritrea by Vishwambhar Prasad Sati
  • Biodiversity Assessment in Lobo-San Juan Mountains by Anacleto M
  • Biodiversity Management: Towards Re-establishment of a Protected Areas System in Afghanistan by Stephan Fuller
  • A Challenge for Environmental Continuity in Italian Mountains by Bernardino Romano, Serna Ciabò and Mauro Fabrizio
  • Maintaining Bio-cultural Diversity in the Andes by Sarah-Lan Mathez-Stiefel and Stephan Rist
  • Land Use Change and Biodiversity Conservation in the Venezuelan Páramo: Integrating Farmers’ Perceptions by Luis D. Llambí, Julia K. Smith and Maximina Monasterio
  • Lessons from Kipahulu Valley, Maui by John Cusick
  • Three Decades of Managing Mountain Development in the Himalayan Region – Interview with Dr. James Gabriel Campbell by Ujol Sherchan
  • Book review: Floods in Bangladesh: History, Dynamics and Rethinking the Role of the Himalayas
  • Chua-Chua Botanical Gardens by Farmer Tantoh
  • Sustainable Harvest of Medicinal Plants - Charting the Beginnings of this Initiative from the Astore Conservancy by Athar Ali Khan
  • Empowering Women through Alternative Media for Biodiversity Conservation by Rashmi Gangwar
  • Preserving Mountain Biodiversity in the Western Ghats of the Madurai District, Tamil Nadu by S. P. Anandan
  • Cross-border Balkans Peace Park Project by Antonia Young and Abbey Radis
  • Democratising Forestry in Mexico’s Sierra Norte by Ross E. Mitchell
  • Mapping the La Paz-El Alto Foodshed by Stephen Taranto and Martina Brimmer
  • Andean Páramo Project: Conserving Biological Diversity by Bert De Bievre
  • Biodiversity and the Mountain Partnership by Jane Ross
  • The Carpathian Mountains - the Living Heart of Europe by Pam McCarthy
  • Centre for Environment Education (CEE) Himalaya Celebrates International Mountain Day by Rashmi Gangwar

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Year: 2002
This issue of ETFRN News explores innovative financing mechanisms for conservation and sustainable forest management, whether in conceptual stage, under development, or operational
This newletter contains four short articles discussing the potential for financing carbon sequestration services
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