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Year: 2016
The purpose of this paper is to recommend a framework and methodology for incorporating hydrologic data and ecohydrologic relationships in Ecological Site Descriptions (ESDs) and thereby enhance the utility of ESDs for assessing rangelands and guiding resilience-based management strategies
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Year: 2011
We present new major and trace element data, together with U–Pb ages for zircon sand grains from the major tributaries of the Indus River, as well as the adjacent Ghaggar and Yamuna Rivers and from bedrocks within the Sutlej Valley, in order to constrain the origin of the sediment reaching the Arabian Sea
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Year: 2009
The controls on the spatial distribution of soil moisture include static and dynamic variables
Year: 2007
This report illustrates how the world’s great river basins are fast dying as a result of over-extraction, dams and infrastructure development, invasive species, climate change, over-fishing, and pollution
Year: 2001
1Models for predicting the distribution of organisms from environmental data are widespread in ecology and conservation biology
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1 Williams, C. J.
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