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Year: 2016
The International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development is coordinating the Hindu Kush Himalayan Monitoring and Assessment Programme, which will be carried out with partners and individual experts
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Year: 2014
Migratory livestock raising has been one of the most important livelihood options for people residing in high mountain areas and has made a significant contribution to the economy of the Hindu Kush Himalayan (HKH) region, both in terms of supporting households and in export earnings
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Year: 2013
Migratory pastoralism is an adaptation to a harsh and unstable environment, and pastoral herders have traditionally adapted to environmental and climatic change by building on their in-depth knowledge of this environment
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Year: 2009
Due to expansion of urbanization, introduction of advanced technology in the agriculture systems and low returns in traditional farming systems, farmers of the Central Development Region of Nepal were compelled to change the traditional farming systems to modern systems
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Year: 1982
The findings presented here are the result of a detailed analysis of the couple adopting various forms of contraceptive devices
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