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Year: 2018
Invasive alien plant species (IAPS) can pose severe threats to biodiversity and stability of native ecosystems, therefore, predicting the distribution of the IAPS plays a crucial role in effective planning and management of ecosystems
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Year: 2018
Biological invasion is a major component of global environmental change and it has negative impacts on native biodiversity, ecosystem services, infrastructures, agriculture production, and human and animal health
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Year: 2015
An understanding of the differences in vegetation and soil characteristics between slope aspects in high altitude semiarid environments is fundamentally important for efficient management of these semi-natural systems; however, few studies have quantified these differences
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Year: 2014
Parthenium (Parthenium hysterophorus L
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Year: 2010
The problem of supporting decision- and policy-makers in managing issues related to solid waste and water quality was addressed within the context of a participatory modeling framework in the Sagarmatha National Park and Buffer Zone in Nepal
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Year: 2007

Distribution and community structure of treeline birch (Betula utilis D
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Year: 2005
From July to December 2003 the authors studied the impact of forest resource use and management practices on community structure and regeneration of locally managed Shorea robusta (sal) forest in the mid-hills of central Nepal
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Year: 2003
Oaks (Quercus spp
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