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Year: 2018
The impacts of climate change in terms of forest vegetation shifts and Net Primary Productivity (NPP) changes are assessed for Brahmaputra, Koshi and Indus river basins for the mid (2021-2050) and long (2071-2100) terms for RCP4
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Year: 2017
Two dynamic global vegetation models (DGVMs), IBIS and LPJ, were used to assess the projected impacts of climate change on forests in terms of the shifts in vegetation types and changes in NPP (net primary productivity) in the mid Brahmaputra, Koshi, and upper Indus river basins
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Year: 2012
The Indian state of Assam is situated in a high rainfall zone and the river Brahmaputra flowing through the state causes annual floods which adversely impact the agro-economic base of the region
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