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Year: 2016
Enhanced transport of dust with the prevailing mid to upper tropospheric westerly winds from arid regions in South-west Asia and North-west India into the Indo-Gangetic Plain (IGP) and the influx of marine aerosol from the Arabian Sea (AS), Tropical Indian Ocean (TIO) and Southern Bay of Bengal (SBoB) into India along with the low level south-west wind flow during the onset of the South-west (SW) monsoon, 2014 was observed in campaign mode
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Year: 2015
Fluoride (F−) content varies from 0
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Year: 2009
Carbonaceous aerosols cause strong atmospheric heating and large surface cooling that is as important to South Asian climate forcing as greenhouse gases, yet the aerosol sources are poorly understood
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2 Rao, P.
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2 Rao, P. S. P.
1 Rao, P. V. N.
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