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Year: 2015
This publication is an important step in establishing effective long-term environmental and socio-ecological monitoring in the region, which will support efforts by ICIMOD and its partners to fill critical data gaps in the Hindu Kush Himalayas
Year: 2005
GLOCHAMORE (GLObal CHAnge in MOuntain REgions), a joint project of UNESCO–MAB and the Mountain Research Initiative (MRI) (Becker and Bugmann 2001) is funded under the European Union (EU) Sixth Framework programme ‘Sustainable Development, Global Change and Ecosystems’ to develop and implement a strategy to detect signals of global environmental change in mountain environments across a network of observation sites in selected UNESCO–MAB Biosphere Reserves (MBRs; see the map of MBRs published in MRD vol 25 no 3, August 2005, p 283)
Year: 2000
The first internationally coordinated initiatives to observe the environment in Alpine regions date back to the 19th century
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HIMALDOC 4 notices trouvées  La recherche a duré 0.01 secondes. 
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