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Year: 2017
The Kailash Sacred Landscape (KSL) is a transboundary landscape (area: 31,252 sq
Year: 2016
This book highlights 25 highly commercial and high-value NTFPs, their traditional knowledge and use, trade, cultivation and value addition, and government policy on collection and trade
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Year: 2008
Biodiversity is an important consideration in maintaining natural environmental balance in a particular habitat
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Year: 2007
Dynamics of species distribution, species composition and species number are very important areas to be understood for sustainable management of forest and tree resources
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Year: 2005
With a view to prepare a biomass table of Bambusa nutans subspecies cupulata grown at Belbari, Morang district of Eastern Terai, a total of 150 samples were selected from ninety-eight clumps
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