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Year: 2004
Throughout the world, managing protected areas involves people and organisations in widely differing roles
Year: 2003
A great proportion of the world’s poor are vulnerable to the degradation of natural resources and ecosystems
Year: 2002
The second issue of Policy Matters in the programme of CEESP highlights new findings and hopes on a very old dilemma: are we condemned for ever to facing destructive conflicts over natural resources?

Is there a chance to replace such conflicts with security and mutual cooperation among the actors advancing entitlements and claims?

'Environment and Security' is an emerging field with great promise

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Year: 1999
The 1990s have been marked by an increasingly acrimonious debate over modern trends in agriculture: the controversy over the so-called Terminator technology, the scandal of the turmeric and Basmati patents claimed by American companies, the imposition of a global trading and patent regime under the World Trade Organisation, and others
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Year: 2011
In the Asia-Pacific region, millions of people live within or dwell near forests
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