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Year: 2017
In this paper, we reflect on the implications for science, policy and practice of the recently introduced concept of Nature-Based Solutions (NBS), with a focus on the European context
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Year: 2016
There is growing interest in the role that natural capital plays in underpinning ecosystem services
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Year: 2011
As the challenges and opportunities posed by climate change become increasingly apparent, the need for facilitating successful adaptation and enhancing adaptive capacity within the context of sustainable development is clear
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Year: 2008

Generations of Californians have been "putting down roots" along one of the world’s most famous faults-the San Andreas

Further south along the San Andreas fault, from San Bernardino through the Coachella Valley to the Salton Sea, over 300 years have passed since the last major earthquake (around 1680). Another major earthquake is likely to happen on this section of the fault within our lifetime, and will shake all of Southern California. A study led by the U.S. Geological Survey describes in great detail the extensive damage and casualties that result from such an earthquake, and recommends many ways to keep this natural disaster from becoming a catastrophe.

While the San Andreas is most likely to be the source of our largest earthquakes, there are hundreds of other faults throughout Southern California that could also cause damaging earthquakes. Some may happen before the next San Andreas earthquake and could be even more destructive if they occur directly beneath densely populated areas.

This handbook is a resource for living in earthquake country. It provides information about why we should care about earthquakes in Southern California, what we should do to be safe and reduce damage, and also what we should know about earthquake basics
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