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Year: 2012
The conference on Global Change and the World's Mountains held in Perth, Scotland, in 2010 offered a unique opportunity to analyze the state and progress of mountain research and its contribution to sustainable mountain development, as well as to reflect on required reorientations of research agendas
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Year: 2006
The mountain regions comprising the western American Cordillera (from Alaska to southern Argentina and Chile) are especially vulnerable to changes in climate and to the ensuing changes in snowpack, streamflow, ecosystem functioning, and a host of other impacts on human and nonhuman systems
Year: 2005
GLOCHAMORE (GLObal CHAnge in MOuntain REgions) is an EU-funded project to create an integrative research strategy for the detection, impacts, and potential responses to global change in UNESCO Mountain Biosphere Reserves (MBRs)
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2 Greenwood, G. B.
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