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Year: 2017
REDD+ Initiative has prepared a UNFCCC submission report “The Development of REDD+ Safeguards in the Hindu Kush Himalaya: Recent Experiences and Processes” to demonstrate that the participating HKH countries are committed to developing REDD+ safeguards
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Year: 2013
Air temperature and snow cover variability are sensitive indicators of climate change
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Year: 1992
Log-linear, exponential and fractional relations for estimating seasonal\nsnowmelt from early-spring snow accumulation in the Indus and Kabul\nriver basins in the western Himalayas are developed with a view to\nimprove the prediction given by bivariate linear regression models\nearlier developed by the senior author in collaboration with others
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2 Sharma, V. K.
1 Sharma, V. P.
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