Protecting the 'Heart of the World' (1996)

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To the Kogi Indians of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, in Colombia, the Sierra is 'the heart of the world'. One man is at the centre of effort to restore that heart to good health. The Kogi Indians believe the Sierra moves between good and evil, between day and night, between south and north, searching for equilibrium, says Juan Mayr, founder and director of the Fundación Pro Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta. Since he first went to the Sierra as a photographer 20 years ago, Mayr himself has been a key figure in this search. Most recently he started the process of bringing together conflicting interest groups in order to forge a long term conservation strategy for the region.
Year: 1996
Language: English
In: Kendall, S., 1996, Protecting the 'Heart of the World'. IPPF, IUCN, UNFPA, WWF. People and the Planet: People and Mountains, Pinnacles of Diversity. Volume 5, Number 1. Planet 21, London.,



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