Pro-actively coping with climate change and globalization in the Peruvian Andes ( )

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The tropical portion of the Andean mountainous range plays a crucial role in the future quality of human life on Earth. This ecosystem is currently facing a social and environmental crisis and is in urgent need of pro-active intervention for the recuperation of its fundamental role in the hydrological cycle of the South-American sub-continent. In recent years the accelerated melting of glaciers, resulting from climate change has streamlined the role that slopes located more than 3500 masl play for water retention. On the other hand, the process of globalization has promoted the need for involving farming communities upstream to become environmental guardians of an already impoverished natural resources base. However, these farming communities represent the most vulnerable sector of society and in many cases, the area’s abandonment occurred due to lack of opportunities. The development of appropriate governance structures in the framework of the Peruvian decentralization process and the transfer of financial resources it entails may help restore a demographic balance required for the management of natural resources.
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