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000008736 245__ $$aThe Future of International Environmental Law
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000008736 260__ $$bUnited Nations University Press
000008736 260__ $$c2010
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000008736 520__ $$aThrough a collection essays by leading scholars in international environmental law from around the world, this book explores the future of international environmental law in a world of ever worsening environmental crises. It examines the success stories and the failures of international environmental law and argues that future responses to global environmental crisis will be more about good environmental governance rather than just more treaties and laws. Environmental governance in future will need to accommodate the needs and aspirations of peoples from developed and developing countries alike and will have to be based on decisions and actions by a vast range of actors and stakeholders and not just the nation state that has traditionally dominated environmental diplomacy to date. In future this also suggests a need to be cognizant of the close links to other areas of international law including human rights.  The book tackles the major environmental challenges of our times including climate change, biodiversity loss and pollution and overfishing of the oceans. It examines what we can learn from our experience gained in implementing the vast body of existing international environmental law over the past few decades. It also looks to the future and considers a range of emerging issues such as the management of the environmental challenges faced by the Arctic, nanotechnology, biofuels and synthetic genomics amongst others.  David Leary, Senior Research Fellow, Faculty of Law, University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia.  Balakrishna Pisupati, Division for Environmental Law and Conventions, United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP)
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000008736 650__ $$aPolicies and governance
000008736 653__ $$aEnvironmental law
000008736 653__ $$aEnvironmental challenges
000008736 653__ $$aClimate change
000008736 653__ $$aPollution
000008736 653__ $$aEnvironmental management
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