Increasing Access to Environmental Justice : A Resource Book for Advocacy and Legal Literacy in South Asia (2007)

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Most of ICIMOD’s regional member countries have a good legal basis for ensuring environmental justice, but knowledge about the legal options and processes is limited. This book aims to provide a reference book and training resource to increase local-level awareness of environmental justice, focusing on legal approaches. It is an outcome of the ‘Minority Rights and Environmental Justice’ project initiated in 2004 by the Ford Foundation and ICIMOD. The knowledge provided by the book, with its examples from Bangladesh, India, and Nepal, should help users to become familiar with the basic legal concepts and practices related to the environment in these countries. It will be of use to many people and organisations trying to decrease the environmental burdens of marginalised people and contribute to socially and environmentally sustainable societies.
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ISBN: 978 92 9115 065 6
Language: Nepali


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