Mountains Forever (2001)

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Mountains Forever is a book of stories about mountains by young mountain people from twenty different nations. It is the final outcome of ‘The Twenty Nation Essay and Short Story Program’, a project conceived and carried out by Spiny Babbler, a consortium of young artists and writers based in Kathmandu who focus on the creative use of art to improve people’s lives, with the support of a small grant award from the Swiss-funded ICIMOD ‘Asia Pacific Mountain Network’ project. The stories range in tone from the light-hearted to the poignant; many borrow from local religions, legends, and cultures. The result is inspirational, they will lift your spirits – these young writers clearly love their mountains and plan to protect them when they are adults. Each story is illustrated with a vibrant painting by a young woman artist from Nepal, Param Meyangbo. Thick black lines emphasise oversize animals, people, and plants in vibrant reds, greens, and yellows. The pictures match the short, direct style of writing: straightforward and powerful – a wonderful book for adults and children alike.

ISBN: 92-9115-4261
Language: English
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