Micronutrients in South and South East Asia : Proceedings of an International workshop held on 8-11 Sep 2004 Kathmandu, Nepal (2004)

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This publication documents the proceedings of a workshop on 'Micronutrients in South and South East Asia' held in Kathmandu In September 2004. The workshop was intended to establish the status of current knowledge and identify future research needs related to micronutrients in South and South East Asia. Plant nutrients are essential for producing sufficient and healthy food for the world's expanding population. Soil micronutrient deficiencies not only affect crop growth, the crops themselves also display micronutrient deficiencies and thus produce nutrient deficient food; and the people depending on these foods then also display symptoms of deficiency. The majority of agricultural land in South Asia is severely affected by one or more micronutrient imbalances; and the majority of people in the region are suffering from micronutrient deficiencies. The workshop participants included researchers concerned with human nutrition and other disciplines as well agriculturalists and soil scientists. The broad range of themes together illuminated a comprehensive picture of the complexities of micronutrient issues, as did the variety of measures discussed to address the problems. With this publication, we hope to share this knowledge with the many people concerned with soils, agriculture, and human nutrition in developing countries across the world.

ISBN: 92-9115-210-2
Language: English
Table of Contents:
  1. Front Matter
  2. Keynote Presentations
  3. Dietary Strategies to Enhance Micronutrient Adequacy: Experiences in Developing Countries
  4. Harvesting Health: Agricultural Linkages for Improving Human Nutrition
  5. Distribution of Micronutrients Available to Plants in Different Ecological Regions of Nepal
  6. Session 1 Human Nutrition and Health
  7. Zinc and Childhood Infections
  8. Growing orange-fleshed sweet potatoes to combat Vitamin A deficiency in Eastern India: experience of the International Potato Center (CIP)
  9. Supplementation of Selenium: A Strategy to Increase Fertility in Goats
  10. Session 2 Mapping and Soil Micronutrient Status
  11. Mapping Spatial Zinc Distribution in Rupandehi District, Nepal
  12. Micronutrient Status in Different Agro-climatic Zones of Haryana, India
  13. Severe Boron Deficiency limiting Grain Legumes in the Inner Terai of Nepal
  14. Session 3 Soil Nutrient Management
  15. Micronutrient Status of Soil and Response to Long-term Application of Farmyard Manure (FYM)
  16. Building Contextual Knowledge: the Interface between Local and Scientific Knowledge
  17. Commercial Fertilisers and Their Quality Control in Nepal
  18. Managing Soil Fertility Problems of Marginal Agricultural Lands through Integrated Plant Nutrient Management Systems: Experiences from the Hills of Nepal
  19. Effect of Micronutrient Loading, Soil Application, and Foliar Sprays of Organic Extracts on Grain Legumes and Vegetable Crops under Marginal Farmers Conditions in Nepal
  20. Soil Fertility Problems and Strategies to Reduce Them in the Himalayan Region of India
  21. Alleviating Micronutrient Deficiencies in Alkaline Soils of the North West Frontier Province of Pakistan: On-farm Seed Priming with Zinc in Wheat and Chickpea
  22. Commercial Horticulture Farming and its Effect on Soil Fertility: A Case Study from Peri-urban Agriculture in the Kathmandu Valley
  23. Session 4 Soil and Plant Interactions
  24. Effect of Micronutrients on Production of Maize (Zea Mays L.) in the Acid Soils of Chitwan Valley
  25. Enhancing Effect of Micronutrients on the Grain Production of Toria (Brassica Campestris Duth. Var. Toria) in Chitwan Valley
  26. Increasing Wheat and Rice Productivity in the Sub-Tropics Using Micronutrient Enriched Seed
  27. Effect of Phosphorous and Zinc Fertilisation on the Productivity of Transplanted Aromatic Rice
  28. Molybdenum Response of Chickpea in the High Barind Tract (HBT) of Bangladesh and in Eastern India
  29. Wheat Sterility Induced by Boron Deficiency in Nepal
  30. Annexes


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