Themes from Celebrating Mountain Women (2004)

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'Themes from Celebrating Mountain Women' contains extended abstracts of 39 papers given at a global gathering of mountain women that took place in Thimphu, Bhutan, from 1-4 October 2002 as part of the celebrations in the International Year of the Mountains. The 'Thimphu Declaration' - a call to action on the issues in the lives of mountain women formulated at the end of the conference - is included as an annex. The points raised by the participants are focused on the topics of gender role and relations; natural resources and environment; health and well-being, entrepreneurship; and political, legal and human rights. The publication will be of interest to all those interested in mountain development in general and women's issues in particular, across the world.

ISBN: 92-9115-989-1
Language: English
Table of Contents:
  1. Front Matter
  2. Part 1: Gender Roles and Relations
  3. Women of the mountains: gender roles, relations, responsibilities and rights
  4. Gender relations, livelihoods and supply of eco-system services: a study of Lashi Watershed, Yunnan, China
  5. Gender and management of mountain resources in Africa: a participatory research
  6. Sustainable livelihoods and poverty alleviation case study of Kullu District, HP, India
  7. Gender-sensitive study of perceptions and practices in and around Bale Mountains National Park, Ethiopia
  8. Tourism and forest management in Mosuo Matrilineal Society, Yunnan, China
  9. Engendering economic valuation of forests
  10. Part 2: Natural Resources and Environment
  11. Participation of women in joint forest management in India
  12. Role of mountain women in the management of sustainable eco-systems
  13. National income from an eco-feminine perspective
  14. Development strategies for Qiang women in Eruo Village, Sichuan Province, China
  15. Devolution of forest management and the Alangan Mangyan women
  16. Working with community-based conservation with a gender focus: a guide
  17. Improved labour-saving options for mountain women
  18. Part 3: Health and Well-being
  19. Health and well-being of women in mountain areas of the Asia Pacific region
  20. Afghanistan country profile: reproductive health
  21. Old laws and morals in the beautiful mountains of Albania
  22. Decentralised food security systems and women: an examination of sustainable food security arrangements in Chhattisgarh
  23. Status of women's health and well-being in Northern Pakistan
  24. Economic role and its impact on mountain women's strategies for the future
  25. Part 4: Entrepreneurship
  26. Development of a strategy for the promotion of mountain women's entrepreneurship 115
  27. Women and work: an exploration into the lives of trading women
  28. A study on three womens enterprises in the high altitudes of Uttaranchal India
  29. Organising unorganised mountain women: a case study of gender tourism in the Garhwal Himalayas, Uttaranchal
  30. Mountain women's entrepreneurship in Slovenian policies and practices
  31. Women, forests and markets: researching poverty alleviation through commercialisation of forest resources in Mexico and Bolivia
  32. Part 5: Political, Legal and Human Rights
  33. Land in Latin America: the gender asset gap
  34. Women's rights to land in the Kyrgyz Republic
  35. Patterns and trends of women's participation in land markets in Uganda
  36. Social norms and the educational needs of women in Central Asia
  37. Part 6: Culture and Indigenous Knowledge
  38. Gender roles in Colombian mountain areas
  39. Women of the mountains: from silence to recognition
  40. The cradle of life: symbolism of Naxi's Sudu
  41. Indigenous Asia, knowledge, technology and gender relations discursive invisibility
  42. True stories of Dangi innovations from South Gujarat, India
  43. Matriliny in a patriarchal mould
  44. The impact of tourism on gender relations among communities living near Mt. Kinabalu, Sabah
  45. Rural women of Mongolia
  46. Gender relations and housing in matrilineal and patriarchal communities
  47. Gender relations and forest management in indigenous mountain communities
  48. Part 7: Annex: The Thimphu Declaration


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