Poverty Alleviation in Mountain Areas of China (2002)

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This book contains the proceedings of the conference on 'Poverty Alleviation in Mountain Areas of China', organised by the Institute of Mountain Hazards and Environment (in Chengdu), InWEnt Capacity Building International, Germany (formerly DSE), IFAD, and ICIMOD, in November 2002 in Chengdu. The twenty chapters cover a broad range of topics drawing on experiences from the Indian Himalayas and the mountains of Bhutan to illustrate methods of poverty alleviation that might be relevant in China. There is an interesting mix of ideas woven together in terms of income-generating strategies that range from agricultural transformation into off-season crops and non-timber forest products and livestock husbandry to a strategy for mountain tourism that is geared to community development. Infrastructure is dealt with in both the micro-and macro sense. The need for, and problems in providing, education for mountain people are examined. The final chapter deals with IFAD's approach to alleviation of poverty in the mountain areas of China.There is much to learn from this collection, and many ideas that can be further developed not only by development professionals but by policy-makers and planners dealing with similar issues to those faced by their counterparts in China.

ISBN: 3-937235-25-6
Language: English
Table of Contents:
  1. Front Matter
  2. Chapter 1: Poverty: Issues and Options in Mountain Areas, with Specific Focus on China
  3. Chapter 2: Rural Poverty in the Asia-Pacific Region: Incidence, Constraints, and opportunities
  4. Chapter 3: Poverty in Mountain Areas of the Hindu Kush- Himalayan Region
  5. Chapter 4: Reducing Poverty and Developing Mountainous Areas in China
  6. Chapter 5: Poverty in Mountain Areas: Nature, Causes, and Alleviation Strategy
  7. Chapter 6: The Importance of Development Indicators for Assessing Mountain Development
  8. Chapter 7: Management and Use of Natural Resources for Poverty Alleviation in Mountainous Areas of Western China
  9. Chapter 8: Management of Natural Resources in Bhutan
  10. Chapter 9: Highland Lowland Linkages in the Globalised World
  11. Chapter 10: The Development and Governance of Human Resources in China
  12. Chapter 11: OffFarm Industries in Mountain Areas of China
  13. Chapter 12: Sustainable Rural Tourism and Its Implications for Poverty Alleviation in Tibet Autonomous Region, P.R. China
  14. Chapter 13: Tourism as an Instrument for Area Development and Poverty Alleviation with Focus on Nepal
  15. Chapter 14: Agricultural Transformation in Mountainous Areas of China
  16. Chapter 15: Agricultural Transformation, Poverty Alleviation, and Improvement of Livelihoods in Himachal Pradesh, India
  17. Chapter 16: Livestock Husbandry in Chinese Mountain Areas
  18. Chapter 17: Approaches to the Rehabilitation and Socioeconomic Development of Mountain Regions Affected by Construction of the Three Gorges Reservoir on Chang Jiang River, P.R. China
  19. Chapter 18: Poverty Alleviation in Minority Regions of Chin
  20. Chapter 19: Developmental Strategies and Policies of Mountain Areas of West China
  21. Chapter 20: IFAD's Approach to Poverty Reduction in Marginal Upland Areas of China
  22. Annexes


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