An inventory and assessment of invasive alien plant species of Nepal (2005)

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A biological species introduced in an ecosystem other than its natural home is called alien or exotic or non native. There exists a long list of alien species throughout the world which make a valuable part of the livelihood and economy of the modern world. If these organisms became aggressive or spread beyond the manageable boundaries and out compete native species in the ecosystem, then these are considered as Invasive Alien Species (IAS). An IAS has the potential to substantially alter the structure and function of natural ecosystems and is likely to cause economic and/or environmental loss and/or harm to human health. IAS can be a plant, an animal, a pest, a disease or any micro-organism. The present inventory encompasses the invasive plant species only.
ISBN: 99933-860-6-5
Language: English
Pages: 115
World Conservation Union IUCN Nepal, Kathmandu, 2005. - 115

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