Resilient Mountain Village: A Pilot Demonstration Project on Earthquake Reconstruction and Rehabilitation in Dhungentar, Nuwakot : Project Report (2019)

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The report begins with an introduction to Dhungentar’s socioeconomic landscape and post-disaster status. The vulnerabilities and challenges faced by the community are pointed out, and the project’s approach and aims are also discussed (p. 1). Project activities were shaped by the concept of resilient mountain villages, which involves an integrated approach to sustainable development. This project focused on building structures – both physical and social – that would support the community during shocks. Further, Dhungentar’s socioeconomic condition was uplifted in collaboration with local institutions, government agencies, private-sector partners, and, most importantly, the community itself. Local engagement and resilience building therefore underpinned all project activities.

Language: English
Pages: 41


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