Summary Report: Koshi Disaster Risk Reduction Knowledge Hub Inception Workshop, 11–12 December 2018, ICIMOD, Kathmandu, Nepal (2019)

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In December 2017 and April and August 2018, the KBI organized three workshops that provided a platform for regional dialogue for policy and decision makers, scientists, and practitioners to deliberate on strengthening regional collaboration for DRR and ensuring resilient livelihoods in the Koshi basin. The panel, group, and open floor discussions all recognized the need to address DRR in the basin as a multifaceted, interdisciplinary, and transboundary challenge. The consensus was that regional collaboration should extend beyond information sharing and a platform should be created to facilitate collaboration. In addition to the workshops, from August to November 2018, the KBI approached 20 participants with a series of project scoping questions as it sought to understand the needs and perspectives of potential members and stakeholders on the challenges and opportunities for a knowledge hub.

ISBN: 978 92 9115 650 4 (online)
Language: English
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