Key Technologies and Practice for Gas Field Storage Facility Construction of Complex Geological Conditions in China (2018)

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In view of complex geological characteristics and alternating loading conditions associated with cyclic large amount of gas injection and withdrawal in underground gas storage (UGS) of China, a series of key gas storage construction technologies were established, mainly including UGS site selection and evaluation, key index design, well drilling and completion, surface engineering and operational risk warning and assessment, etc. The effect of field application was discussed and summarized. Firstly, trap dynamic sealing capacity evaluation technology for conversion of UGS from the fault depleted or partially depleted gas reservoirs. A key index design method mainly based on the effective gas storage capacity design for water flooded heterogeneous gas reservoirs was proposed. To effectively guide the engineering construction of UGS, the safe well drilling, high quality cementing and high pressure and large flow surface injection and production engineering optimization suitable for long-term alternate loading condition and ultra-deep and ultra-low temperature formation were developed. The core surface equipment like high pressure gas injection compressor can be manufactured by our own. Last, the full-system operational risk warning and assessment technology for UGS was set up. The above 5 key technologies have been utilized in site selection, development scheme design, engineering construction and annual operations of 6 UGS groups, e.g. the Hutubi UGS in Xinjiang. To date, designed main indexes are highly consistent with actural performance, the 6 UGS groups have the load capacity of over 7.5 billion cubic meters of working gas volume and all the storage facilities have been running efficiently and safely.
Year: 2018
Language: English
In: Petroleum Exploration and Development, 45 (3): 507-520 p.

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