Operational Water Withdrawal and Consumption Factors for Electricity Generation Technology in China—a Literature Review (2018)

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© 2018 by the authors. As two indispensable resources for human development, energy and water are closely related. China, as the world's largest consumer of electricity, is also experiencing very serious water shortages. Understanding the water consumption intensity in various types of electric power production technologies according to China's national conditions is a prerequisite for understanding the potential impact of electrical power production on water resources. Therefore, following the steps of a meta-analysis, this paper provides a literature review on operational water withdrawal and consumption factors for electricity generation technology in China. We observed that 50% of water consumption for electricity generation was for coal power, whereas there was no research on the water consumption intensity of natural gas power generation, and a shortage of studies on water intake during electrical power production. The average water consumption intensity of hydropower is the largest. The results indicate that compared with other fuel types, hydropower is not a sustainable energy with respect to water conservation, and the study of hydropower applications should be improved in China.
Year: 2018
Language: English
In: Sustainability, 10 (4): 1181-1181 p.

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