The Role of the Indian Summer Monsoon and the Mid-Latitude Westerlies in Himalayan Glaciation: Review and Speculative Discussion (1998)

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New dares for late Quaternary glaciations in the Himalayas show that,\nduring the last glacial cycle, glaciations were not synchronous throughout\nthe region. Rather, in some areas glaciers reached their maxima at\nthe global glacial maximum of e. 18-20 ka sp, whereas in others glaciers\nwere most extensive at c. 60-30 ka sp. Comparison of these data with\npalaeoclimatic records from adjacent regions suggest that, on millennial\ntimescales, Himalayan glacier fluctuations are controlled by variations\nin both the South Asian monsoon and the mid-latitude westerlies.
Year: 1998
Language: English
In: Journal of the Geological Society, 155 (2): 353-363 p.

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