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000033932 245__ $$aModelling of Streamflow and Its Components for a Large Himalayan Basin with Predominant Snowmelt Yields
000033932 260__ $$c2003
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000033932 520__ $$aA conceptual snowmelt model, which accounts for both the snowmelt and rainfall runoff was developed and applied for daily streamflow simulation for the Satluj River basin located in the western Himalayan region. The model, designed primarily for mountainous basins, conceptualizes the basin as a number of elevation zones depending upon the topographic relief. The basic inputs to the model are temperature, precipitation and snow-covered area. The snowmelt is computed using the degree-day approach and rain induced melting was also considered. The model was calibrated using a data set of three years (1985/86–1987/88) and model parameters were optimized. Using these optimized parameters, simulations of daily streamflow were made for a period of six years (1988/89–1990/91 and 1996/97– 1998/99). The model performed well for both calibration and simulation periods. The model was also used to estimate the contribution from the snowmelt and rainfall to the seasonal and annual flows.
000033932 700__ $$aJain, S. K.
000033932 773__ $$a10.1623/hysj.
000033932 773__ $$pHydrological Sciences Journal
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