Field Visit Report on Springs and Springshed Management for Reviving Drying Springs, 7–9 November 2017, Sikkim, India (2018)

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The field excursion immensely benefited the participants and enabled them to understand the concept of springshed management for springs revival. Participants benefited a lot from practical firsthand demonstration of field techniques and recharge structures as interventions for springs revival. They expressed great satisfaction over being able to realize the importance of the springshed approach in reviving springs and their management. It also helped them understand the distinction between watershed and springshed approaches.

It is believed that this training will contribute in framing a common understanding of springshed management research and implementation among key stakeholders. It is also hoped that imparting such practical knowledge about hydrogeological aspects of springs through field excursions will enhance the capacity of the participants and in the process improve springshed management in their respective areas.

Events like this will surely and significantly contribute in enhancing knowledge generation and cooperation in relation to springs and springshed management in the region.

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