Package of Practices for Climate Resilient Value Chains Development of Selected Vegetable Crops and Ginger in Barshong, Bhutan : ICIMOD Manual 2017/9 (2018)

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Climate Resilient Agriculture (CRA) is an innovative climate-friendly agricultural practice for adaptation, resilience and mitigation of climate change impacts. It integrates the economic, social and environmental aspects of sustainable agriculture to address food security and climate challenges and increase incomes. Land, water and inputs should be utilized effectively to enhance productivity. This can be done through integrated nutrient management, pest and disease control by bio-pesticide, water recharge, harvesting and (re)use, and other climate resilient measures. Further, CRA practices can ensure a high rate of production and technological adaptability. These practices help in reducing greenhouse gas emissions or the amount of required labour or equipment. CRA is geared towards three main objectives: i) sustainably increasing agricultural productivity and incomes, ii) adapting and building resilience to climate change, and iii) reducing greenhouse gas emissions.
ICIMOD Training Manual

ISBN: 978 92 9115 545 3 (electronic)
Language: English
Pages: 67


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