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000033698 245__ $$aProceedings of the Project Inception Workshop REDD-plus Himalayas: Developing and Using Experience in Implementing REDD-plus in the Himalayas, 28-29th January, 2016, Aizawl, Mizoram, India
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000033698 520__ $$aThe REDD+ Himalaya project with active collaboration of ICIMOD of Nepal has been initiated with the overall goal to build the REDD+ capacity in the four neighboring countries to develop and implement National REDD Strategy through conservation and sustainable use of natural sinks. Conservation and sustainable use of forests through REDD+ programme is an effective mitigation and adaptation measure. The project will assist in the capacity development of REDD focal points in Nepal, Myanmar, India (North Eastern Region) and Bhutan to develop and implement REDD projects through establishing a south-south platform that will focus on trainings, technology sharing and knowledge dissemination. Pilot REDD+ projects are also to be established in each country for all stakeholders. <p><p>To kick start the project activities, ICFRE in collaboration with ICIMOD organized a project inception workshop in Aizawl (Mizoram) on 28-29 January 2016. This is the beginning of the project in the North Eastern part of the country which is rich in its forest resources and communities have close linkages with forest resources. ICFRE is pleased to bring out the proceedings of this workshop and is grateful to ICIMOD, GIZ and the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Arrairs for providing assistance to host this inception workshop. 
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